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My Employees Aren’t Trained

Increase your profitability with a robust LMS that comes stocked with powerful dental training content to improve patient engagement, increase case acceptance, and elevate the patient and team member experience in your practices.

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I Need Help Onboarding New Hires

We not only help practices hire the right employees but using Cambeo’s LMS, and checklists will help you onboard new hires 2X faster. Simply assign what’s needed and let the platform guide them through each onboarding set and track the progress along the way.

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What’s Wrong With Our Culture?

Improving your practice's culture can lead to an increase in patient acquisition by 3X. Our assessments allow you to gather anonymous feedback from everyone in your organization and pinpoint the areas that need attention to make better more informed decisions.

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I Need To Grow My Practices Revenue

The Cambeo platform has the tools to make your processes more efficient and effective. Giving you the ability to track tasks, checklists and audits, your organization will improve more rapidly. Application of Cambeo’s platform leads to average monthly revenue increase of $8,738.00 per practice.

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I need my employees to complete OSHA or HIPAA

Cambeo provides mandatory trainings that each team member is required to complete each year such as OSHA, HIPAA, and workplace compliance. We’ll also mail each practice a state-specific OSHA handbook and provide compliance checklists and audits. Cambeo will eliminate fees and fines that cost dental practice's over $110,000.

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I need to decrease my employee turnover

The average cost to replace an employee in a practice is $15,000. With our assessments, employee reviews and LMS, Cambeo reduces employee turnover on average by over 10%, having a significant impact on your bottle line.

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