Client Feedback

“I have had the opportunity to work closely with Cambeo and Vaughn Peterson for several years. As a retail executive I utilized Cambeo’s powerful human capital management software suite, and regularly took advantage of Vaughn’s outstanding training and consulting capabilities. I had Vaughn present as a special guest trainer every year at our annual corporate leadership meeting. His training was always a highlight for our entire leadership team. His creative and independent voice always resonated, and the greatest benefit was his impact on performance and bottom-line results.”

Jeff Gillette, 32-year Retail Executive

"Cambeo’s work has been transformative within our organization. Vaughn’s training has given us the confidence and information needed to plan and implement leadership strategies that improved our communication and the management of all employees throughout the organization. I would absolutely recommend Vaughn to any organization looking to grow and develop their leadership and teams.”

Michael Farrell, CEO and President, Called To Surf

“Vaughn, I wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank you for the consulting and training work you have done for us. It exceeded our expectations. Months down the road, our managers and teams are still talking about it and using the tools you gave us. It helped us start an important conversation and dialog that we, as a business, needed. Thank you for taking time to learn and address our specific needs and for providing training that was so well prepared and unique. We truly appreciate your responsiveness and commitment to us and are excited to continue our partnership with you.”

Tara Jones, Director, Account Management & Customer Service, Alexander’s Print Advantage

“We recently held a leadership training workshop with Cambeo. We have a continuum of leadership experience, managers with tons of experience all the way down to brand new managers. Vaughn’s training helped our entire management team catch the vision and goals we have for our company, and also helped our corporate team understand how we can better assist and work with our managers. Our management team continually refers to the training and we talk about how we can improve every day based on the principles that we learned. Vaughn does an amazing job and gets everyone involved and thinking!”

Kyler Roney, CEO, 53 MGMT

“Vaughn and his company Cambeo bring a new light and perspective to leadership training. Instead of a more traditional cookie-cutter approach to corporate training, Vaughn inspires individuals to think outside the box to improve their leadership and also to help their teams accelerate to the next level.”

Dan Blair, Sales Leader, Harley Davidson