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Providing the unlimited resource for everything dental compliance

The unlimited resource for everything dental compliance

Our Compliance Partners included with cambeo

Leslie Canham

Clinical Compliance Training

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Dr. Shirley Davis

Employee Compliance Training

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Amy Wood

HIPAA Breach Mitigation Specialist

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Mary-Catherine Smith

OSHA & HIPAA Compliance

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A compliance and LMS package that dental offices need and want

Dental compliance training, binders, programs, and assessments

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OSHA and HIPAA Compliance Trainings

Trainings Include But Not Limited To:​

  • CE certification credited courses
  • Bloodborne Pathogens &​ Infection Control​
  • Hazard Communication​
  • Introduction to OSHA
  • HIPAA Workforce Trainings
  • HIPAA trainings for each job position
  • And So Much More

The Ultimate Resource for team member, manager and doctor required OSHA and HIPAA trainings.

Binders, Manuals and Handbooks

Binders, manuals and handbooks include:

  • Exposure Control Plan
  • Hazard Communication
  • Emergency Action Plan/Fire Prevention Plan
  • And So Much More

Build a respectful and harassment free workplace culture that prevents costly legal actions.

Checklists, Audits and Tasks

OSHA and HIPAA checklist, audits and tasks include:

  • Employee OSHA Training Checklis
  • Mock OSHA Inspection
  • HIPAA Checklist
  • OSHA Checklist - OSHA Compliance
  • Top 5 OSHA Requirements Inspectors Look for in the Dental Office
  • And So Much More

Compliance checklists, audits and tasks to conduct and ensure regular OSHA and HIPAA compliance

100’s of dentists have avoided costly fines by using our compliance package

Avoid Costly Fines and Lost Money with Cambeo LMS trainings:

Avoid costly violations - the average cost of a single OSHA violation:

- $13,260

Cost of recent HIPAA violations from a single practice:

- $10,000

(fine per each individual HIPAA violation is $100 – $50,000)

Average turnover cost each time you lose a team member:

- $12,500

Average legal costs to defend a sexual harassment lawsuit:

- $75,000

Average overall savingS:






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Instant access to materials and training courses covering every needed compliance
Team Assignments
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"Every single dental practice is at risk, every single day of being investigated or even shut down for not following state and federal regulations such as OSHA, HIPAA, and Infection Control. Regular training on these important topics increases employee confidence, reduces risks, and creates a culture of infection prevention and safety that employees appreciate and patients deserve."

Leslie Canham

Consultant & CE Provider. Leslie Canham & Associates

"The amazing content from these industry icons, combined with the power of the Cambeo solution suite, provide an extraordinary opportunity for practices to elevate the value they bring to their patients, their teams, and their bottom-line."

Vaughn Peterson


"Research reveals that 75% of workplace harassment incidents go unreported, and employees often do not understand what constitutes inappropriate or illegal workplace behavior. I am excited to offer this interactive and engaging learning experience that will provide your team members with the knowledge and skills needed to comply with federal and state laws, and build a respectful and inclusive work environment – one that attracts top talent, provides great patient outcomes, and achieves sustained practice success."

Dr. Shirley Davis

Author, Speaker and CEO. SDS Global Enterprises, Inc.


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“This is the most comprehensive, high quality training offering at this price in the industry.”  Dr. Dental Practice​

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These plus dozens of other topics are in this dynamic library where new content is added every month



  • Required OSHA training

    • OSHA Training

    • New Hazard Communication

  • Infection Control

    • Bloodborne Pathogen

    • Infection Control

  • Required HIPAA training

    • HIPAA Training


  • New Patient Schedule Series Trainings

    • New Patient Scheduling Guide

    • The Greeting

    • The Number One Mistake

    • Uncover the Need

    • New Patient Show Rate

    • Always Ask This

    • Never Say This

    • Spouse Objection

    • The Promise

    • Wrapping Up the Phone Call

    • The Script

    • Stats

    • New Patient Scheduler Lecture

  • Dental Treatment Coordinator Training – Increase collections and reduce cancellations and no shows

    • Fee for service prepayment options

    • Insurance prepaid payment options

    • Eliminate No Shows

    • How to increase your new patient show rate

    • Building trust and rapport


  • Telephone Skills

    • Telephone Handshake Introduction

    • Telephone Handshake Beginner

    • Telephone Handshake Intermediate

    • Telephone Handshake Close

  • Engaging Patients With Open Arms

    • Engage with Open Arms: Intro and Input

    • Engage w/ Open Arms Permission is Powerful

    • Engage with Open Apology

    • Open Arms Example

  • Respect For the Schedule

    • Cancellations No Show

    • Pre-Appointing Patient Loyalty

    • Emergency to Hygiene

    • Looking forward to seeing you – Phone Call

    • Savvy Lingo – Introduction

  • Transfer of Power

    • Transfer of Power 1A Team Huddle

    • Transfer of Power 1B Assistant to Doctor

    • Transfer of Power 1C Assistant to Admin

    • Transfer of Power 2A Hygiene to Doctor

    • Transfer of Power 2B Hygiene to Admin

    • Transfer of Power 3A Doctor to Specialists


  • Harassment

    • Assess Your Knowledge

    • Current Climate

    • My Story and Why… Don’t Speak Out

    • Federal Regulations

    • Harassment Laws

    • Definitions of Harassment

    • Four Types of Harassment

    • More Facts About Harassment

    • Retaliation

    • How to Handle Complaints

    • Investigating Complaints

    • Handling Claims Worksheet

    • Your Responsibilities

    • Culture Transformation Part 1

    • Culture Transformation Part 2

    • Summary and Takeaways Harassment

    • Toxic Workplace Resources